Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center

Academic Success Navigation is an integral part of your undergraduate or graduate education. The University strives to provide each student with the resources, guidance, and support to achieve your academic, career, and personal goals. As a student, you share responsibility for your success. Be aware of the various requirements, policies, and services.

Your Academic Navigator is available to help you with our course selections and to answer other academic questions you may have relative to areas that including:

  • Degree Requirements -including General Education
  • Appropriate Resources and Referrals
  • Changing Major or Minor
  • Course and Major/Minor Selection
  • Guidance on Improving the GPA

Declaring Your Major

Making a thoughtful decision in choosing a major is important. While you are not deciding on a single path for your future nor making decisions that cannot change at later points in life, it is critical to recognize that many majors enable you to develop the necessary skills to prepare for similar careers, work environments and graduate programs. When you are ready to declare your major, review the requirements for the major you have chosen and complete the online major declaration form. Be sure to check your email to confirm that the form was received and approved.

Center's Advisors

Leighton Academic Success Navigators offer academic advising and guidance to empower students to realize their full potential. For this reason, each student has an assigned professional academic advisor so the student can establish a strong mentoring relationship with her or his advisor, whom he or she may consult on all academic and curricular issues.