Academic Withdrawal

The University's Registrar may administratively withdraw/ drop a student from a course or courses for academic reasons such as, but not limited to, the following: academic dismissal, academic probation, academic suspension, extended academic probation, and unapproved credit overload. The student may also be removed from a course for which all pre-requisites have not been acceptably completed. An academic drop/withdrawal will be processed according to the established drop/withdrawal deadlines. A grade of "W" will be assigned in the case of a withdrawal. The student's G.P.A. will not be affected.

Leighton University is an academic community deeply engaged in inquiry and intellectual exchange and committed to core principles of academic freedom, academic integrity, and rigorous, creative thought. We recognize that intellectual and artistic exchange depends on mutual respect for an independent expression, inquiry, and reflection. Therefore, faculty, staff, and students are devoted to fostering an environment that upholds the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and respect in all academic endeavors.

As contributors to an enduring scholarly and creative conversation work attributed upon thoughtful and fair acknowledgment and treatment of the inquiries, reflections, and expressions of others, each member of Leighton University is expected to use and represent the work of others fairly and honest manner; to fully acknowledge the work of others, and accurately through proper citation, and to produce their original work unless collaboration is permitted. Faculty and staff members are required to meet these standards in all their work. Students are subject to the policies and procedures described below.

In educating students in the values, dispositions, and responsibilities of independent thinkers and scholars, the Leighton faculty acknowledges that certain scholarly practices reflect complex tasks that involve instruction and practice. Faculty are devoted to teaching these critical practices. In turn, students are responsible for learning these scholarly practices and demonstrating them in all their work; they are a means of showing learning and developing genuine understanding, the mark of an independent scholar, and the way to become one.

This policy statement outlines these practices and principles, roles, and responsibilities. Potential consequences for students are described in Leighton University Academic Integrity Procedures.