Appeals for Academic Reinstatement

Graduate students are placed on academic suspension for failing to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (or above) in any given Term for two or more consecutive Terms. Suspended students may not return the following Term and must petition the School of Studies for reinstatement. The petition should explain previous academic difficulties, plans for improvement, and reasons for believing the strategies will be successful.

Restatement is the process for graduate degree-seeking and nondegree-seeking students: a) who may have been academically dismissed from an academic program or b) who are students fail to meet conditions because of an academic shortcoming, disciplinary or judicial suspension, or the termination of admission status, e.g., due to the failure to remove previously assigned conditions of a Provisional Admission or academic probation.

The graduate student may be reinstated only to the program or status they were previously enrolled in. When Reinstatement is granted in certain conditions or stipulations, it will be attached and a period to satisfy them. Cases of readmission or Reinstatement are considered on an individual basis and are not automatically granted.

Appeals related to the Standards of Academic Progress policy should be made to the Office of Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs.