BUSI 302 : Business Law

In this course, learners will gain familiarity of the judicial system and the nature and sources of law affecting business. Examines legal aspects of property proprietorship, structures of business ownership, and agency relationships. Learners will be introduced and explore various aspects of contracts, sales contracts  with an emphasis on Uniform Commercial Code Applications, remedies for breach of contract, criminal and tort liabilities (This course is cross-listed with PALE 302).


Course Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Determine contractual rights and duties under third-party contracts and assignments.
  • Determine whether a contractual obligation exists.
  • Explain the study of law and how it governs conduct in business.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills of draft a will
  • Identify general principles of illegality, agreements related to public welfare, and the regulation of business.
  • Identify the nature and classification of contracts.
  • Identify written contracts, effects of non-compliance, and the construction and interpretation of contracts.
  • Know the role of the paralegal in the area of trust and estate administration.

Know the fundamentals of estate planning.

Recognize and appreciate the laws governing trust and estate administration

Recognize legal and ethical issues when making business decisions.