Course Numbering

The number by which a course is designated is intended to indicate the relative level of the course. A student will generally choose courses within his/her classification but may electives courses of one rank above or below his/her classification upon his/her academic advisor's guidance. The following numbering system should be helpful to students in planning their respective programs:

Lower-Division Courses:

  • The freshman year represents courses numbered from 100 to 199.
  • The sophomore year represents courses numbered from 200 to 299.

Upper-Division Courses:

  • The junior year represent courses that are numbered from 300 to 399.
  • The senior year represents courses that are numbered from 400 to 499.

Courses lower than 100, e.g., MATH 098, READ 095, do not count toward degree programs or graduate credit hours. Students pursuing an associate's degree cannot enroll in upper-division courses unless approved by the academic advisor.

A count of at least 40 semester credit hours of upper-division credits is required for the bachelor's degree.