Credit/No Credit Record

A student may elect one course each semester (a summer Term is considered a semester) for which he/she chooses to be graded based on credit/no credit. The student must declare the grading option by the end of the 4th  week of the semester and the end of the first class day in the summer. The credit/no credit refers only to the course's final grade, as recorded by the Office of the Registrar. Nothing will change in the content, assignments, examinations, etc. A letter grade will be assigned to the student after the course. If that grade is a "C" or higher, the student will receive credit "P" for the course. If the letter grade is lower than a "C" grade, the student will receive an F grade for the course. In either case, the student's G.P.A. will neither be positively or negatively affected. This grading system is at the preference of the student but will operate within the following limitations:

  1. The option is available only to students who have completed at least 25 semester hours at Leighton University (excludes transfer credits) and are in good academic standing.
  2. The student must have met all of the pre-requisites required for enrollment in the course chosen.
  3. The course chosen cannot be used to meet major or minor area requirements.
  4. Only one course per Term is approved to be taken as selected by the student, and no more than 12 credit hours may be completed and counted toward graduation.
  5. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be taken on a credit/no credit basis.
  6. Students wishing to declare a course P/F must do so through the Office of the Registrar no later than the 4th week of the Term (Spring or Fall). The P/F grading option cannot be changed after the deadline.

The accountability for ensuring that the student has satisfied the above limits resides with the student and his/her Academic Navigator. However, the actual permitting or denying of credit is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar's.