CRJS 443 : Sexual Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

An critical examination of the common problems of sexual abuse and its treatment by the penal system /criminal justice system. Sexual abuse issues, including legal definition, causes, identification, prevention/treatment for victims and perpetrators, types, and how the criminal justice system responds.


(LIBR 150 may be taken concurrently).

Course Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify behaviors associated with sex crimes.
  • Distinguish between the theories of sexual deviance.
  • Review the history of sex.
  • Differentiate the nuisances of sexual behavior.
  • Define aspects of incest.
  • Discuss pedophilia.
  • Recognize child pornography, and sex and the internet.
  • Identify dangerous sex crimes.
  • Examine sexually motivated homicides.
  • Evaluate treatment of sex offenders.





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