Disability Accommodation

Leighton University ensures that it provides reasonable accommodation(s) upon request to otherwise qualified students as required by law and thus ensure equal access to University educational opportunities, programs, services, and activities in the most integrated setting, to the extent such accommodation(s) do not impose an undue hardship on the University, constitute a vital alteration to a program or compromise academic integrity. In general, it is the student's responsibility to make known their disability status and accommodation needs.

Once the need for accommodation becomes evident, it is the University's responsibility and the individual with a disability to engage in a dialogue to identify possible accommodations to assess their fairness and efficiency. Determinations on accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.

The Office of Disability Services will direct students who disclose a disability to have the status of their disability certified. The Office of Disability Services will confirm that students can receive certain University services per their needs. The University may request that the students provide appropriate documentation of disability. You may reach the Office of Disability Services through a redirection Main Switchboard at 662-214-5300 (Request redirection to the Office of Disability Services) or email a completed and signed Disability Services Request Form to ods@leighton-edu.us, and a representative will respond.