CUIN 530 : Educational Practices and Innovation

In this course, learners examine curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the context of various professional standards and accountability and their relationships to improvement in student learning, based on sound pedagogical approaches. A particular focus will be given to the alignment to student learning outcomes, and the need for valid assessments will be discussed. Learners will gain familiarity with methods for collecting various assessment data; analyzing assessment data; creating campus curriculum and instruction goals; and implementing accountability, planning, and collaboration are addressed. The use of technology to support accurate assessments is presented.


Course Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Develop practical and innovative projects that provide an inventive solution to real‐world questions based on inquiry, integrative collaboration, observing, critical analysis, and using technology.
  • Evaluate materials relevant to advances in educational and professional settings based on case studies presented in course and explored independently.
  • Analyze strategies for ingenious innovation, including product and pedagogical designs.
  • Apply efficient strategies for designing innovative projects in collaboration with team members to develop practical and innovative projects, products, or practices, in conjunction with other organizational units.
  • Apply the design of the innovative processes to educational experiences, instruction, and learning.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic vocabulary and concepts of creativity study.





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