Message from the Chancellor

Dear Leighton Students,

Welcome to Leighton University!  Our AY2022-2023 Catalog is designed to orient you to our very new university, providing you critical information programs, services, and policies, and procedures related to the university in general and your academic program.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will be engaged - online - with a fantastic community of faculty scholar-practitioners and a diverse group of student peers, all of whom embrace Leighton's ethos and its values. Leighton University is driven forward by our commitment to grow inclusion, spark innovation and accelerate impact where it is needed most. Indeed, this commitment and your efforts will help further transform you personally, equipping you to go out into the world to help further positive social change in the communities you serve. Our faculty spend countless hours developing courses that will give our students the highest-quality and most relevant education for their field. You can, likewise, expect our staff to be welcoming and approachable. They will work with you to support, guidance, and resources to help you reach your full potential.

Additionally, Leighton University offers an immense number of support services, including academic advising, navigating our expansive digital library, and much more. I encourage you to get the most out of your studies by accessing the various resources available to you, starting with this updated Catalog. Still, know that our entire collective body of faculty, staff, and administration supports your academic journey.

I wish each of you, our students, the very best to continue your studies at Leighton University. These are going to be a great college year with tremendous potentials and possibilities.

Best regards,

James P. Takona, PhD