Testing Accommodations

Many courses in Leighton's programs required that certain course components are proctored. The Office Accessibility Services [OAS] partners with Academic Affairs to provide testing and accommodations. Where necessary, OAS provides a trained proctor for accommodated testing needs for each exam through the Term.  By participating in this program, the Office provides students greater access to instructors during tests and eliminate delays in grading.

Suitable candidates for the program:

While Leighton's courses are delivered remotely, we may not always to able to provide the suite of services often found in land-based institutions.  None the less, OAS partners with course instructors to provide the necessary and reasonable accommodation services.

  • Instructors of the course section may teach classes that may have students with disabilities and may, consistently need to receive support such as test accommodations.
  • Instructors of course sections may not always to identify and have the expertise and availability to provide the necessary support.

The process to provide testing accommodations in the department:

  • Students reach out to the course instructors and present accommodation letters.
  • Instructors contact OAS to express interest in scheduling a proctor and provide all test dates for the Term.
  • The OAS staff confirms the proctor's availability or the contracted proctoring electronic service [ULearn.com] for test dates.
  • Instructors communicate to students that an alternative option will be provided at a convenient time proctored electronically or by a trained proctor rendering service through the Office Accessibility Services.
  • Instructors provide the test link and start time information for testing students.
  • Alternate arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis for students with accommodations other than a low distraction environment and extended time.
  • Instructors provide to OAS a test roster and detailed proctor instructions on the day of the test.
  • Instructors may decide to personally release the tests and check-in periodically students' progress to see if they have questions.
  • When appropriate, referrals will be recommended to community agencies and services.