Transfer Students

A student from accredited institutions may be considered for transfer to Leighton University provided s/her are in good standing both academically and socially (minimum grade of a C average – 2.0 cumulative grade point average).  The possession of the minimum grade point average for consideration does not necessarily imply admissibility to Leighton University.

All transfer students must submit official transcripts from all institutions previously attended and follow the regular admission process. Official transcripts must be sent directly to Leighton University (Office of Admissions) from the university  or college previously attended. The transcript must contain an official seal. Leighton will accept up to 90 credit hours from a four-year institution and up to 70 credit hours from a two-year institution (community college). A transfer student is considered for a degree only if the last 30 semester hours have been taken from Leighton University and met other degree requirements.

Leighton will also accept up to 45 credit hours toward an associates degree. The last 15 credit hours towards the degree must be completed at Leighton University.

Additional admission or transfer credit criteria may apply depending on the program the transfer student intends to major.