Upholding Standards

Leighton University is an academic community committed to academic freedom, rigor, and creativity in inquiry, intellectual intercourse, and a committed to core principles of academic freedom, academic integrity, and rigorous, creative thought. It is recognized that intellectual and artistic exchange depends on mutual respect for an independent inquiry, expression, and reflection. Faculty, staff, and students alike expect to advance an environment that upholds the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and respect in all their academic endeavors. Faculty and staff members are expected to meet these standards in all their work; students are subject to the policies and procedures described in the student handbook and summarized below.

In instructing students in the values, dispositions, and responsibilities of independent thinkers and scholars, the Leighton University faculty understands that certain scholarly practices suggest complex tasks that necessitate instruction and practice. Faculty are entrusted to teaching these critical practices. On the other hand, students bear the responsibility for learning and adhering to scholarly practices and ethos while demonstrating them in all their work; they are a means of showing learning and developing honest understanding, not only the mark of an independent scholar's way to become one.