Withdrawal from a Course

Once a student is formally enrolled and committed to attend class, he/she must formally drop his/her classes by the deadline. If the course is not officially dropped, the student will be charged full tuition and receive failing grades. If necessary, a student may withdraw his/her enrollment from a course by submitting a completed Course Withdrawal Form to the Director of Academic Success Center by the date specified in the Leighton University academic calendar.

A "W" grade is given for an authorized withdrawal. If an enrolled student withdraws from a course without authorization (stops attending class without complying with school procedure), a grade of "F" will be recorded on the student's transcript. Late withdrawals from a course will be considered only for extraordinary circumstances accompanied by appropriate documentation. If a course drop/withdrawal for a full-time student results in the student's course load dropping below 9 credit hours, the student will be judged as full-time for the full semester. No refund will be credited back into the student's account for the withdrawn course.