CUIN 510 : Foundations of Curriculum Design & Evaluation

The course offers learners an overview of curriculum development and the use of the Instructional Systems Design Model (ISDM). Learners will design and evaluate the curriculum, develop instructional materials, assess student learning, and measure instructional outcomes for online classes from K-20 and beyond. Topics include preparing course outlines and course syllabi, developing lesson plans, designing evaluation instruments, and explaining how learning objectives & evaluation strategies affect selecting content and materials.


Course Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Develop instructional goals based upon best practices
  • Construct measurable objectives that attend to cognitive, affective, social, and psychomotor development.
  • Analyze appropriate procedures for reporting assessment results to parents, administrators, and other school constituents
  • Apply research and the reflective process to make appropriate and sound instructional design decisions.
  • Construct an assessment plan that effectively monitors diverse aspects of student learning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how frameworks/models can be used to clarify and develop conceptions of curriculum.
  • Demonstrate and understand how curriculum frameworks can guide the development of an educational program.
  • Design instructional plans that address different domains and levels of learning.
  • Integrate technology effectively in instructional planning.’
  • Articulate defensible criteria to support written contributions to online discussions.
  • Use assessment data to modify instruction.





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